Where LOVE?

I have lived in that area(named Guting in my country) for nearly 2 years. Few months ago, a coffee shop, more precisely, a bar opened right at the corner. Every night I ride my scooter back home, I pass by the corner where the bar located and make a turn left, and the blinking pink colored "LOVE" on the bar window always catch my attention, but nothing more.

The very night I shot this film, was just as the same as I was so familiar with before, and then, a couple walked through the window: The two elders held on each other, the woman walked slowly behind the man and cared for the man who has difficulty walking. I stopped my scooter along the sidewalk, so touched by the scene. While we are so used of the term "LOVE" around us, have we wondered from time to time that, "Where is LOVE? Where is the love that we are looking for?"

When the sparkling pink color grasped our eyes at night, the true love is so hidden, subtle, and ordinary.